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To ignite the Church in the Western world


To see the Western Church on fire and reclaiming western culture

Guiding Principles

  • To align Western Evangelical Churches with the workings of the Holy Spirit in their church and community

  • To transform local church leadership teams into high-performing, empowered leadership teams

  • To excite local church leadership teams through seeing God at work in their midst

  • To excite local church members through seeing God at work in their midst 


  • Business Leadership - Over 30 years in IT leadership. First-hand experience working on high-performing, empowered, global teams.

  • Senior Church Leadership (Elder, Deacon, Trustee) - Over 17 years in active senior leadership at different churches/denominations.

  • Community Leadership (Trail Life USA, AWANA, BSA) – 15 years of experience. Currently responsible for over 300 adult volunteers throughout Northern California.


Training and Education

  • B.A. in Organizational Leadership, Simpson University, CA

  • Chuck Colson Fellow

  • 7 Habits of Effective Leaders Course, Franklin Covey Co.

  • Management Essentials, Corporate Training

  • Agile Methodologies

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