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Church Leadership Transformation

Leaders Lead, that's why they are called to serve on Leadership Teams. The challenge is getting all the leaders to lead in the same direction.

You also may have noticed that some leadership teams are proactive, while others are reactive. Unless the Pastor asks them to do a specific task, the leadership team sits idle.  

Most Church Leadership Teams do not operate at the same caliber as  corporate business teams.

I want to change that. I want to help local churches transform their leadership teams into high-performing empowered teams.

Your Church Leadership Team will go through a 3-step process that will redefine the way they think and act.


A questionnaire is completed to assess the health of the church and it's leadership team


The Assessment is compared to a Framework which outlines the 7 pillars of a healthy church.

This provides a comprehensive look at the overall ministry of the church


A hands-on workshop with the Pastor and Leadership Team applies all that was learned from the Assessment and the Framework, to produce a Growth Plan that's aligned to the working of the Holy Spirit in the church

Envision your next church leadership meeting.

Your leaders arrive on-time and they are excited to share their news about what God is doing to grow your church. One by one, they give an update on what they have done and how God has responded.

Not only is the leadership team excited, but the congregation is getting excited as well. For they also are beginning to see God at work in their midst.

Please note: 

We work directly with Church Senior Pastors. If you are not the Senior Pastor, please ensure you are contacting us because the Senior Pastor has asked you to do so.

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